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if you ever need me, i’ll be under my duvet. sorry not sorry, but this thing is like a hundred hugs from soft puppies all at once. 

Finally happy with my #bedding…brought a few extra pillows and a down duvet back to school from my weekend at home and I may never leave my bed. So warm and cozy! #dormroom #smartgirlstakecollege #daydesigner #monogram #lillypulitzer

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Just your average day in Intercourse, PA. #lancastergram #amishcountry #touristinmyowncounty #lancaster  (at Intercourse, Pennsylvania)

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I’ve not even been home an hour and I’m already 100% happier than I was at school. So I think this means I should drop out of college and move home.

Surprise! I’m in Pennsylvania for the weekend!