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laureninlilly asked: Helloooo! :) If you get this in your ask box then you must say 5 good things about yourself and then pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers ♥

omg. I’m so flattered, like I might start crying.  I’m one of your favorite followers?  Geez, I hate crying and this might make me emotional. Anyhow…

1. I am honest to a fault.
2. When I care about someone, I really honest-to-god care about them.  Sometimes it ends up hurting me, but whatever.
3. I like to think I’m funny/entertaining…especially when I’m tired.
4. I’d like to think that I “rock” my glasses, even if people call me 4-eyes.
5. Finally, I can’t think of anything. but y’all are awesome. That’s all.

Look at the ask I just published!  I put in the instructions!

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Anonymous asked: Where did you find jacks that cheap! spill your secrets!

I purchased a $50 voucher from Living Social using the code “BestMom” for $18.75 for Neiman Marcus Last Call where Jacks are on sale for ~$60.  I used the code “INCIRCLE” on Last Call to get free shipping, as well.

I’ve made bargain hunting into a contest for myself. How cheap can I find my favorite things? I’d say $64 for two pairs of Jacks is pretty darn cheap! #woohoo #mycollegebudgetsayshallelujah